Creating a Political Image: Information background of Cristina Kirchner in the Internet

Creating a Political Image: Information background of Cristina Kirchner in the Internet

In this report we will consider the information background of Cristina Kirchner’s (Argentine lawyer and politician) political image in the Internet.[1]

So, we’ve analyzed different aspects and themes and now we have very useful results that can prove how important it is for political figure to pay attention to his or her image in the Internet.
Firstly, it’s need to say that the key questions asked in searching systems (Yahoo, Bing and Google) were quite simple: the full name of politician and her position (shown in the 1st step of the report). But on this step it was a surprise — the searching systems represented interesting unexpected suggestions that other users usually search with our key questions. For instance, it was something like: “cristina kirchner bikini”, “cristina kirchner joven”, “cristina kirchner hot” and so on.

It looks like Miss Kirchner is not famous only for her presidency, but also for her private life, style and appearance. Also the «tips» of systems were practically the same: “bikini”, “hot”, “news”, ‘plastic sugery”, “twitter”, “Wikipedia”, “young”, “joven”.

But despite of the fact that all three systems gave such analogous results in «tips», «suggestions» and «images» (we will return to this aspect later), there are a lot of differences between them and between information they give. And this is one more reason to think that all of them have its own characteristics and specificity that can be used as very effective tool for controlling information flows and creating political image.

So, as it was told in this research we used the most popular and comfortable search engines: Yahoo, Google and Bing[2]. For some last years they have been leading in the top of the best services and now we have the following picture of popularity in the world:

Let’s start with the end of this top and consider Yahoo! Search. In the 2nd step of the report there is a table with the data about the first 10 websites that this engine suggests to users. As we can see, this engine puts on the 1st place “Images”.  In my opinion it`s quite a good decision, but for the politician`s teams and PR-specialists it can be a very difficult problem: a lot of stupid pictures, “memes” and cartoons related to the most famous political figures appear in the Internet almost every minute. And it`s very important to control them and clear unnecessary ones, that spoil the image of politician. In Yahoo there was a huge amount of pictures with Cristina Kirchner, and, of course, a lot of unsuccessful funny shots. But it`s quite typical picture for political figure of such level. Moreover, sometimes she posts private photos in her Instagram or Facebook herself. It`s need to say that all three engines have the similar results of “Images” and the most popular is – avatar of Cristina Kirchner in all her social accounts.

If we look through the whole table with links and websites that Yahoo shows us, we will find there such sources like Wikipedia (3 pages!), some world famous media, ratings and Twitter account. There are no official website and Facebook page and it`s seems quite strange, but it`s likely that American engine gives the priority to its own sources (although there is a La Nacion Media). Thus, on the first page of search results we didn`t find any “bad” sources, compromising or websites with “negative” information and, of course, it`s quite a decent rate.

Then we go to the 2nd engine in our top-list – Bing. In this research I`ve decided to investigate the question not only from the point of English-speaking user, but also of Spanish and the citizen of Argentina particularly. So, the results I`ve got in Bing were very different from other engines. There were a lot of Spanish media and official website of Cristina (on the 2nd place). But nevertheless in this list we can see Wikipedia (although it shows the other page of politician, not the same as I could see as Eng- or Russian- speaking user) and the similar list of pictures. In the whole – no negative information.

And the last point of the research – Google results. I expected to find there links to the Twitter and Facebook accounts, maybe website of politician or something like that. But Google gave a lot of Guardian[3] news (and Wikipedia again but it wasn`t a surprise). So, if you are a politician and you have told something extraordinary to the journalists, next day you will find it in Google search at the top of the first searching page, because Google really “likes” news.  As to “images”, Google doesn`t show a lot of unexpected results, but it was a little bit different from other searchers. Also I`ve analyzed Google Trends. And, of course, key questions were categorized as “very popular” and almost all users interested in these questions are the citizens of Argentina (more inf. about Google Trends results you can find in the 5 step of this research).

Taking all these aspects into consideration we can say that this investigation was very useful: it`s a good example of creating a necessary information background of famous political figure in the Internet. And Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has already succeeded in this sphere a lot.


Автор: Елизавета Конышева

Бакалавр РАНХиГС при Президенте РФ (кафедра Политологии и политического управления). Участвовала в MMU Cheshire Summer School in Critical Thinking, Global Leadership`s TILIP Program. Владеет английским языком.